Get accurate assessment on your eligibility and concentrated attention from experts.

  1. Assess your eligibility and build an ideal strategy for your immigration to Canada

Considering your education, English/French proficiency, and work experience, we will present you with the best possible and likely route for permanent residence. We will inform you what you will need to be eligible to apply for a specific program.

  1. Follow our instruction and let’s prepare a complete application

We will guide what information and documentation we need, to prepare an application. No need to obtain irrelevant, unnecessary documents, as we will ask for just what we need for your application. Based on the information you gave us, we will complete the immigration forms and supporting documents for submission. Every single page of the submission will be accurate and appropriate for the application we are making.

  1. Submit application and let us communicate with the government on your behalf

Government agencies such as IRCC, CBSA, IRB, and ESDC (Service Canada), and provincial governments recognize our designation and authorize us to act on your behalf. We understand that communicating with government officers can be frustrating and nervous experience for you. Let us communicate with government officers in professional manner; you will avoid misrepresentation and unwarranted delay of your application.