I still can't believe this day has come!!

2021-04-13 10:45
I still can't believe this day has come!!

Three years ago around this time! I met Choi Doo-yong for the first time in Korea and made a plan for getting a job in Canada. To be honest, I had such a big fantasy about Canada, so it's been years since I've always looked at how to get there. And after a while, I signed a contract with Hanwood.
And he managed to get a job, visa, and permanent residency without any difficulties.
I came to Canada in June 2019 so far!!
I'm the shortest-term permanent resident in my job!!!!Haha
I've always wanted to say thank you for this when I get a green card and have the opportunity to write my story.
I always have to ask and solve questions right away, so I always ask questions, questions, questions, questions, questions, questions, and questions, regardless of time and place.
And even if I have problems with my acquaintance in Canada, ask questions!!! Instead of giving a really annoying look, he gave me a quick and sincere answer to a problem that wasn't his customer! My acquaintance's immigration office above told me nothing but stories.I needed Hanwood's help!

Now I'm waiting for my green card!!
But Hanwood still calls me and tells me what to do until the very end!!!
(I'm telling you, other companies don't do this!))

I want to spread my gratitude so much that I leave a short message after work.

If you're considering immigration and permanent residency, knock on Hanwood's door.~I highly recommend it.^^

Choi Doo-yong and Kim Hyun-sik, thank you so much. See you when you get your green card.^^