Thank you Hanwood!!!!

2021-08-09 13:51
My wife and I are over the moon when Hanwood informed us that my Permanent Resident application has been granted. Getting my family now to Canada is within my reach. All because Hanwood did an excellent job in helping us obtain all the necessary paperwork to complete the required documents. I am very pleased I trusted this agency. They gave us thorough instructions of what we need to do and the list of documents we need to provide them. They are very kind in giving us updates when we were worried that the Pandemic we are experiencing might greatly impact the process. They are professional and supportive all throughout. And we are happy and grateful for the wonderful service they have given us.

I want to personally thank Brad and Derek for always having my back all throughout my application process. They never left me hanging when there were challenges with my application. They always encourage me and are always optimistic with the results of each process.

I would highly recommend Hanwood Canada Immigration Consulting to my friends and families for their services.